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Spice UP...!

Division Contest 2020

Make yourself comfortable on your couch and cheer for the leaders and speakers of the future!

2nd May 2020

The contest will be organised online

Hurry up, connections are limited for 100 participants

Season your life and join us for the Spice up…! Toastmasters Division Contest Online.  Come as a guest or apply for a role and cheer for the contestants as they represent our country at the Toastmasters District Contest with six other countries. Only the best can have the chance to compete in the world championship in Paris.

Remaining time until the competition

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The competition

Listen motivating and inspirational speeches in Hungarian and English


There will be 5 speakers and 5 evaluators competing in this category. At the world championship the speeches have to be in English, therefore the winner of this category will earn the title of the Hungarian champion and a trophy.


There will be 5 speakers and 5 evaluators competing in this category. The first two have the opportunity to go to the District Contest where they have the chance to compete in the World Championship in Paris.



Under such circumstances the contest will be organised online – first time in the history of Toastmasters

Competition in your room

The contest will be held via Zoom, a software that gives the opportunity to organise webinars and online meetings

You haven’t used Zoom yet? Don’t worry! A guide will be sent out before the contest.

Due to the limited participants, it is important to register on the application form. You will be informed via email about how you can connect.

The result of change is victory

The situation has changed our lives.

There are two ways and you decide which one to take. You choose the one that takes you forward or the other one that keeps you in place.

Never ever stop learning! Always try to improve and use the opportunity given by change.

We are proud to say, that we have accepted the challenge and we did it! We have embraced the change!

See for yourself!


Be part of the change!

Be part of the victory!


9:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:15
Ágnes Bóné
10:15 - 10:30
Keynote Speech
Balázs Somogyi
10:30 - 11:05
Evaluation Contest in Hungarian
11:05 - 11:10
11:10 - 12:00
International Speech Contest in Hungarian
12:00 - 12:05
Announcing Contests Results
12:00 - 13:30
Lunch Break
13:30 - 14:30
14:30 - 14:45
Klaudia Fodor
14:45 - 15:00
Keynote Speech
Erika Seres
15:00 - 15:35
Evaluation Contest in English
15:35 - 15:40
15:40 - 16:30
International Speech Contest in English
16:30 - 16:35
Announcing Contests Results
16:35 - 17:30


Participation is free of charge

Registration is over

Whether as a contestant or part of the audience, please make sure to register so we can see the number of participants.

Application process
1. Fill in the registration form

Choose whether you would like to participate as a guest or a contestant at the event, fill in the form and click on “I will be there”.

2. Complete your application by e-mail

You will receive an email with a Google Form. Please fill it in and send it back to us for final registration. Use this form to apply for roles in the competition.

3. Mark our email address as secure

The access of the online competition room will be sent via e-mail, thus please make sure to keep an eye on our e-mails.

Try yourself as a roletaker

In order to organise the Competition succesfully, it is essential to have roletakers. Therefore we kindly ask you to apply for a role! It is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and you don’t even have to get up from your couch. As a teaser we collected all the information and resposibilities you need to know of each roles.

Master of Ceremony

You like chit-chat and small talk? This is the perfect role for you. The master of ceremony entertains the audience in the Waiting Room (you enter here with the Zoom link) while the contestants are getting ready in the Contest Room (checking the camera and the microphone, getting familiar with the contest’s rules) and the judges are having a briefing in the Judges Room. When everyone is ready and the competition can begin the Zoom Master moves everyone from the Waiting Room to the Contest Room. As soon as the contest begins the Master of Ceremony has no other task, but to enjoy the competition. There is no condition for taking this role.

Segeant at Arms

We need two Sergeant at Arms, in case one of them gets disconnected. The main Sergeant at Arms task is to be in the Preparation Room with the evaluators while they are writing their feedback on the target speech. After 5 minutes, he/she has to keep an eye on the evaluators, to make sure they keep their hands up, look into the camera and don’t take any more notes. The Sergeant at Arms gets moved back to the Contest Room with the last evaluator. There is no condition for taking this role.

Ballot counter

The ballot counter is responsible for counting the votes and finalizing them with the Chief Judge. There is no condition for taking this role.

Chief Judge

The chief judge brings the judges team together. His/her main task is to hold a short briefing before the contest and send all the necessary documents to the judges beforehand. He has no right to vote, his resposibility is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to the rules. After the competition he counts the votes with the ballout counter and prepares the certificates. Conditions on applying for this role: 6 delivered speeches in the old system or completed Level 2 in Pathway.


The judge evaluates the speaker and the evaluator based on a given set of criteria. The judge is on mute and invisible, can not use camera or background. Instead of his/her own name he/she has to use Judge1/2/3/4/5/6. Conditions on applying for this role: 6 delivered speeches in the old system or completed Level 2 in Pathway.


We need two Timekeepers. One of them is in the Contest Room and showing the passing of time with virtual backgrounds at 5-6-7 minutes (green – yellow – red). The other Timekeeper is in the Preparation Room with the evaluators and measures 5 minutes. The two Timekeepers have to check the speaker’s time in the background. There is no condition for taking this role.

Target speaker:

His/her identity is secret. The target speaker gives a basis to the participants in the evaluation competition. There is no condition for taking this role.


Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization’s membership exceeds 358,000 in more than 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.

The Pathways learning experience is Toastmasters’ education program. This multi-language online learning tool allows you to leverage over 300 practical workplace skills, including: interview preparation, online meeting management, leadership development, project management, conflict resolution.

You are more than welcome to come as a guest, only contestants have to be members.

Speech- and evaluation contest is a Toastmasters tradition and it is organised every spring.

The official language of the competition is English, but members of home clubs also compete in their native language. The competition runs in English until the World Championship, and in Hungarian until the national finals.

Hungary and Croatia belong to Division A of District 110. There are 23 active Toastmasters Clubs in this division.

The 23 Clubs are divided into 5 Areas. There are 4-5 Clubs in each Area.

In the first round, the Clubs organise a home tournament where the bests can get to the regional competition. In the regional competition, the winners of the Clubs in the Area compete and the best gets to the national finals.

In the national finals, the top 5 speakers in the country compete for the title of Hungarian Champion or for the onward District Competition in English.

The District is divided into 7 countries: Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova. They are organized into 4 divisions. In the District Competition, the best of the 4 Divisions will be on stage to qualify for the World Championships in August, in Paris (first time in Europe and not in the USA).

Yes! Zoom Webinar can only manage 100 participants. Whether you are a contestant, a guest or have a role, please make sure to register, so we can see the number of participants.


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